Commercial Shopping Centers/Shell Buildings

L’Arco Builders is a commercial general contractor with focus on the design-build delivery system of engineered metal structures. Shopping centers, also known as strip centers, are open-air constructed centers where there are multiple store-fronts/space arranged in a row, along with sidewalk and parking lot development. We also use the term “shell” building to describe the complete build of a structure’s outer “shell”, leaving the inside open for advancement for any type of business. At L’Arco Builders, we tackle the complex system that is creating this kind of building including design, management, groundwork, concrete, framework, and completion. L’Arco Builders can give you the high-end look you dream of by taking care of every detail on wall panels, moldings and columns, cornice, soffit, dentils, finished concrete and many others with lower construction costs than what is typical for traditional masonry. 


Ceylon Plaza, Wakeforest Plaza, Magnolia’s Medical Center, Healer’s Point