Project Description

Client:   Ceylon Plaza Project
Location:  Cypress, TX
Date Started:  May 2016
Date Completed:  Phase 1 Nov 2017
Value: $2,700,000

As a full plaza commercial shopping center, this project will be completed in phases. This started as the underground utility project with underlayment, fire lanes, and storm lines.

The Challenges

Starting a commercial center from scratch, particularly the first phase of a 15,000 sq ft lot, bring many challenges. You must complete the underground needs of any construction project to every proper detail, as this will not only be the base of the retail spaces, but must also allow the project to operate under commercial property laws and requirements. At L’arco Builders, we have completed many of these kinds of constructs from small suites in strip plazas to retail centers to mega-stores. We know what it takes to make this kind of build a success.